Nerdfighters Abound

John Green has recently exploded in popularity across the world, producing happiness and tears with his endless supply of words. He touches lives via his Youtube series and his numerous novels. How is a thirty-seven year old able to connect to an audience decades younger than he?

“Some people have a gift in talking to people, and he knows how to use it,” Sydney Shelby (11) said. Shelby is among many who follow Green’s works and is personally affected by his messages.

“He was the reason I wanted to be a writer. He had such an impact on how I thought and felt about things, and I wanted to do that for someone else,” Shelby said.

Readers are not the only ones affected by Green. The general “nerd population” benefits greatly from his Youtube series, “Vlogbrothers,” a vlog he co-owns with his brother, Hank Green. They post clips pertaining to a wide variety of topics, including famous last words and a Tumblr musical.

People who consistently watch these videos are called Nerdfighters, “who, instead of being made of bones, skin and tissue, are made entirely of awesome” Green said in one of his video blogs. This community of “nonhumans” band together and work towards lowering the rate of what Nerdfighters call “worldsuck.”

JoLynn Tyner (12), co-president of White Station’s Nerdfighters club, has been able to branch out because of this group.

“I do not think I would have the same friends in the same way I do now,” Tyner said. “I have met lots of friends, including people in other countries because of Nerdfighters.”

It’s evident that Green has brought change to the oncoming storm of this generation, but he has also addressed the past. Teachers across the country use the Green brothers’ Youtube series, “Crash Course,” as a humorous and effective way of teaching students history and science.

“He is able to squeeze information into a small space, allowing us with short attention spans to understand better,” Jeremy Bateman, Geography teacher and avid user of Crash Course said.

John Green has brought his fans under his wing, allowing in people of any generation. He has helped people become more comfortable with who they are and who they want to be. In the words of the man himself, “Don’t forget to be awesome.”